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Confidence VR

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Confidence VR is a virtual reality tool that is built with an aim to focus in order to help and tackle one of the most widely found fear among people, which is a lack of self believe and confidence. But, of course, there is a lot more. It's should not be surprise to anyone, that there's is people, that simply don’t have that, at least one person in their life, who would have just the right experience and time to consult and mentor them in the right subject, when it comes to preparation for the future carrier, employment and other important areas of life. From the school to employment and beyond. We believe, that our tool could be the correct step in the right direction, to guide, prepare and improves the users chance of successfully granting a position role in that field or even company. We're constantly looking to develop, discover and include the newest technology advancements as well as standards and requirements of employment tendencies in the fields, to make sure you become the best, most complete version of yourself.

Currently, we're releasing our application for the first time, so it can finally reach and can be reviewed by our main target audience, you, the reader. We have already prepared a lot of near future development plans, which include updates, improvements and revisions, which we aim to implement over next couple months. Most importantly, your feedback and opinion for the current application and overall project stage, is absolutely priceless to us. We know and believe, that this tool can become something truly incredible solution in employment and other of fields, and with your support, we will continue working extremely dedicated in order to fulfil our vision.

Kindest regards,

Confidence VR team.